Kith Robertson Quay


Kith Robertson Quay

Kith's first outlet is located by the Singapore River at Robertson Quay

Client: Kith
Year: 2014
Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior Design: Hjgher

“Kohi toka nomujikan nai?” translates into “would you care to have coffee with me sometime?” This simple, sincere phrase from the Japanese film, Be with you, with its power to turn strangers into kith and kin, inspired the design of Kith’s first outlet. Rather than creating another run-of-the-mill cafe, the goal was to create a honest, unassuming experience that would support Kith’s ethos.

As such, no fancy lamp shades, no mass-manufactured furniture and no unnecessary materials were used in its interior. Instead, custom-made furniture was designed to be flexible and mobile, maximizing limited floor space. Modular blocks doubled as tables or benches, meaning the restaurant could accommodate more people as needed. More importantly, the furniture helped to break down personal space barriers to encourage interaction.

To emphasize the openness and sincerity of the cafe, wrought iron shelves was placed behind the cashier to display most of the outlet’s fresh produce and inventory, and a chalkboard that spans the width of the cafe, was place on the walls so that has the cafe’s specials can be wiped off and scribbled on daily.

Kith Robertson Quay
Kith Robertson Quay
Kith Robertson Quay
Kith Robertson Quay
Kith Robertson Quay

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