Kith Park Mall


Kith Park Mall

Kith's second outlet at ParkMall is situated along Penang Road, an offbeat location in town

Client: Kith
Year: 2015
Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior Design: Hjgher

Kith’s second outlet is located at ParkMall, situated within Xtra, the luxury furniture store. The outlet arose due to the lack of places within the area serving specialty coffee and simple meals for quiet business meetings. Over time, Kith also became a favoured destination for social gatherings, due to its offbeat and quiet location within town.

In line with Kith’s core values of sincerity and openness, a large alfresco area greets new customers as they enter the space. This was important to create a spirit of community, as Kith revolves around its people and the kinship they share. Demarcated by wooden decking, the outdoor area spots flexible table arrangements and seating to cater to various groups of diners, be it a couple or a group of ten. A designated area features a selection of Magis toys, such as Dodo the bird, where kids can come together and play.

As entrance to the indoor area, the façade is created by a classic modern black frame, with seating by the glass on one end for people watching. Upon entering the café, a large communal table takes centre stage to encourage strangers to sit together and interact. Various material scraps such as wood, metal, glass were acquired to construct the kitchen wall and tables, some with contractors’ scribbles left intact. As part of the Kith identity of no mass manufactured furniture, the seating and lighting was curated, featuring brands such as Magis and Tom Dixon. A chalkboard wall at the end of the café decorates the space with handwritten daily specials.

Kith Park Mall
Kith Park Mall
Kith Park Mall
Kith Park Mall

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