Kith Millenia Walk


Kith Millenia Walk

Kith's fourth outlet, now available for the office professionals of Millenia Walk.

Client: Kith
Year: 2016
Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior Design: Hjgher


Kith’s fourth outlet at Millenia Walk takes residence on a ground floor unit, spilling out into the main atrium where a high ceiling of skylight allow diners to bask in the daylight while enjoying a selection of hearty meals and specialty brews. Designed specifically for the working professionals coming from the upper office levels, long benches take pride of place in the atrium, offering business professionals ample room and seating for meetings and discussions.

They double up as co-working spaces for individuals and smaller groups, while smaller tables within the café itself provide seating for those who prefer a more private dining experience. The black and yellow Kith colours continue as constant, along with the trademark padded booth and banquet seating to cater comfortably to range of groups from one to thirty.

Specially catering to the everyday office crowd are the large Event Rooms, located at the rear of the cafe. With fabric padded patterns in the signature Kith patchwork, these dedicated rooms are available to guests who seek a private and exclusive co-working space, with the modularity to host larger scale functions of up to forty people. Throughout the café, open magazine shelves provide ample reading material for browsing—a perfect companion to good coffee, food and company.

We wanted to bring an alternative to the usual sterile office environment of this business district; something warm, something cosy, something yellow and something kith. Somethings that help give a little escape from that hectic workday.

Kith Millenia Walk
Kith Millenia Walk
Kith Millenia Walk
Kith Millenia Walk
Kith Millenia Walk
Kith Millenia Walk

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