Charlie Lim — Time/Space

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Charlie Lim — Time/Space

Singapore's boy wonder, singer/songwriter Charlie Lim.

Client: Charlie Lim
Year: 2015
Art Direction: Hjgher
Design: Hjgher

Having performed internationally and alongside prominent acts such as Alt-J and Kimbra, prodigious singer- songwriter, Charlie Lim, holds his own with his distinctive, soulful sound. From the new wave of emerging musicians in Singapore, one voice clearly stands out from the mastered layers of hip hop loops, pop rock riffs and Dr. Dre Beats. As all purist chefs would stake that a meal is only as fine as it’s produce, Charlie Lim’s vocals may just be the finest local produce yet, and coupled with no lack of geekish charm and effortless boyhood, he is nature’s best when served raw and seasoning free, from any high or low fidelity speaker near you.

Charlie Lim — Time/Space
Charlie Lim — Time/Space
Charlie Lim — Time/Space
Charlie Lim — Time/Space

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