Birds of Paradise Jewel


Birds of Paradise Jewel

A botanical gelato bar serving at Jewel Changi Airport.

Client: Birds of Paradise
Year: 2019
Art Direction: Hjgher
Design: Hjgher
Interior Design: Hjgher

In continuation with their second shop at Jewel Changi, soft muted tones are used once again throughout akin to the gelato colours, all coming together to bring across a holistic narrative.

Taking centerstage again is the long and welcoming curved counter with rounded edges and Rosa Valentino marble top, copper cladding and terracotta-coloured tiles to complement the colour of the gelato and brand identity. The counter extends and flows uninterrupted into a working area set inside a curved glass enclosure to showcase the preparation of their specialty cone making, with translucent illustrations made up of bespoke brand illustrations. This minimal and clean counter is free of all barriers to ensure the cleanliness and comfortable presentation of the staff for the customers.

Behind the counter lies the recessed rounded-edged shelves aligns the central display counter, filled with carefully stacked sustainable take-away cups illuminated with the soft glow of recessed shelving lighting. The lighting was created with the specific intention to create a warm glow to emphasise the warm delightful feeling of having a Birds of Paradise gelato.

Birds of Paradise Jewel
Birds of Paradise Jewel
Birds of Paradise Jewel
Birds of Paradise Jewel
Birds of Paradise Jewel

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