The U Showcase

— A student showcase of art and design schools across Singapore

The first of its kind in Singapore, The U Showcase brought together a presentation of 20 art and design students from tertiary schools across Singapore held at The U Factory from 13 – 23rd December 2013.

Students were chosen by their quality of work through their portfolio and were then commissioned to produce a new body of work for the showcase based on the theme “HACK-ED”.

“In an exploration of spontaneity and art’s ability to invade everyday mundaneness, Underscore invited students from different creative fields to hack a subject or object, assigning the familiar a new meaning or function. The U Showcase is a culmination of the various hacks undertaken by emerging talents in art and design, celebrating the transformative faculty of creativity.”
Participating schools include:


The <em>U</em> ShowcaseThe <em>U</em> Showcase
The <em>U</em> ShowcaseThe <em>U</em> Showcase
The <em>U</em> ShowcaseThe <em>U</em> Showcase
The <em>U</em> ShowcaseThe <em>U</em> ShowcaseThe <em>U</em> Showcase