Space Interior

— An installation at SPACE in partnership with Cubes Magazine created as a metaphor for utopia

An invitation by Space, in partnership with Cubes magazine, to create an installation utilising the FLOS Kelvin LED light, a quality product built to last through high standards of manufacture and timeless aesthetics.

Inspired by Paul Scheerbart’s Glasarchitektur, the installation was titled Glass City and built to depict a utopian city of self-sustainability through honoring the use of resources. Two Flos Kelvin LED lamps sits at the heart of the installation, representing a city’s illumination as street lamps, headlights or signboards. Mirror prisms of varying heights were randomly placed to illustrate buildings and skyscrapers. The mirror prisms create multiple effects with each light path reflected from one mirror prism onto another, building a constant dialogue between light and glass.

The installation transforms in various environments, reminiscent of how cities courageously adapt to the challenges of a new world with new solutions. An infinite light labyrinth was created as a metaphor for utopia—perfect, limitless and unattainable, yet its an important dream.

Space InteriorSpace Interior