— A micro-city made of 120 back issues of INDESIGN and DQ with the theme “Connect”

To create a presence for Saturday-in-Design, Singapore, the Australian publisher of INDESIGN, Habitus and Design Quarterly (DQ) magazines initiated a brief to create an installation using 120 back issues of INDESIGN and DQ. The challenge was to create something engaging, with project’s key word, ʻConnectʼ.

Keeping in mind the relationship between readers and the respective magazines, inspiration was drawn inspiration from design and architecture. The aim was to create an installation that allowed the individual to silently interact and make sense of the intangible experience one receives upon engaging with the magazines.

An infrastructure of miniature stairwells, highways, tunnels and buildings was created, using only magazines that were provided, as well as untreated, natural materials. The lifeblood of this newly created micro city were marbles, instead of vehicles and people.

Despite being constructed through items of little utility purpose in daily life, every element within the installation was necessary when strategically implanted. Each had an important role in generating the desired momentum and pace for the cityscape. The installation was built such that all materials utilized were interconnected through science and a series of man-made tracks.

The installation was exhibited during Saturday-in-Design, Singapore on 21st May 2011 at 72-13 Mohd Sultan Rd.

HJGHER x SATURDAY INDESIGN from hjgher on Vimeo.