The Rye Chair

— Furniture to express the fragility/strength of our times.

Designed to embody both lightness and strength, the Rye chair was an articulation of the fragility of our world; a piece of furniture that could convey our current climate of instability and unpredictability.

Drawing from Brutalism and a Memphis style of furniture, we struck a balance between raw and polished elements through the use of marble and acrylic. Marble—an inherently honest, natural material—was used for the seat of the chair, its unfinished edges highlighted by the clear sheets of acrylic that make up the remaining structure. While tough, the polished surface of acrylic renders it susceptible to scratches, demanding gentle treatment from a user.

Used in tandem, the contrast between the two materials bring out the characteristics of each, symbolising the innate strength that forges on even during times of vulnerability.  

Dimensions: 565mm (L) x 380mm (W) x 660mm (H)

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