Red House Seafood

— Established 1976, Red House Seafood is one of Singapore's oldest seafood restaurants

A family run business, Red House Seafood was established in 1976 and has three outlets to date in Upper East Coast Road, Robertson Quay and Prinsep Street. Favoured by locals, expatriates, tourists, Red House Seafood’s core focus is on Asian and Singapore seafood dishes, with specialty sauces such as their signature chilli stew. The team is constantly creating new dishes to capture great flavours of the times and changing taste of customers.

The new brand identity of Red House Seafood, takes cue from the most recognisable icon of Chinese culture—the lantern. Lantern fairs were held in the city of Nanjing to pray for good weather for crops. Since then, banks of the Qinhuai River have been decorated with lanterns and festoons during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival every year, creating festive scenes full of happiness, harmony, and prosperity–these are important values to Chinese families. Following that tradition, the use of lantern forms cutlery to signify always having enough crops, and good food on the table. As such, two bowls are filled with rice in the centre—signifying the gathering of people when they come together, these are values synonymous to Red House.

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Red House SeafoodRed House Seafood
Red House SeafoodRed House SeafoodRed House Seafood