The Cheese Artisans

— Purveyors of fine artisanal cheese imported from around the world

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016

— Imagining a Garden City of the future, where nature and technology coincide

Birds of Paradise

— A gelato boutique of authentic botanical flavours

The U Symposium 2016: Magazines Independent

— Celebrating the founders, editors, creatives and lovers of independent magazines.

Anthem Cycling Studio

— An indoor cycling studio dedicated to the spirit of togetherness.

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2015

— Future ever ready Singapore, through the lens of F1.

Charlie Lim — Time/Space

— Singapore's boy wonder, singer/songwriter Charlie Lim

The U Symposium 2015: Magazines Contemporary

— A symposium by and for independent magazine makers and lovers.


— A floral boutique inspired by the Jurassic Age


— A carnival in every bite of Pezzo pizza now island-wide

The U Showcase

— A student showcase of art and design schools across Singapore

Singapore Art Book Fair

— An annual book fair specialising in contemporary art books and zines.

The U Factory

— A temporal experimental platform held in Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Red House Seafood

— Established 1976, Red House Seafood is one of Singapore's oldest seafood restaurants

The U Press

— A complimentary paper by Underscore about the community, for the community


— A traditional coffee shop by day; yakitori and cocktail bar by night.

Kith Sentosa Cove

—Kith's third outlet at Quayside Isle, a dining and lifestyle destination at Sentosa Cove

The Market Grill

— A casual diner serving lobsters, steaks and burgers helmed by Chef Colin West


— Underscore is a rhythm to a quality of life

The U Café

— An Underscore initiative to bring together good coffee and great reads