Underscore N°3: The Fight Issue

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Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Underscore N°3: The Fight Issue.


Underscore N°3: The Fight Issue continues on from N°2 by confronting a constant and inevitable—the human fight. To struggle, endure, withstand and persevere against all odds. The fight may be quiet, but it is no less spirited nor mindless. It is entered for a cause, with hope for greater things to come.

The world witnessed the Japanese display of Gaman, strong forbearance and poise, in the aftermath of the biggest earthquake to ever strike Japan. Inspired by their fight, the last signature of 16 pages was dedicated to Japanese creatives to voice their hearts.

N°3 contains personal narratives, original content and photographs from homes, kitchens, subzero mountain terrains and the world of classical ballet dancers in relation to the theme. Conversations with Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson, the editor of ACNE PAPER Thomas Persson, founder of BYREDO PARFUMS Ben Gorham, and designer Lyna Ty of Song for the Mute explore their creative processes and journeys. ʻNeighbourhoodʼ features create vivid journeys to Naples, Breite in Basil, Utrecht in Netherlands and Tiong Bahru best described by Karen Wai of BooksActually in Singapore. Photographers include the aerial visions of Stephan Zirwes, mountain landscapes by Ryan Simon and more.

The resilience of both people and nature are represented on the cover by Taisuke Koyama, where his photographs in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, taken months after the earthquake, portray the impact of the resulting aftermath.

In conjunction with the launch, we would also like to introduce to you THE U CAFÉ—an independent magazine exhibition in collaboration with 8 select cafés throughout Singapore.

The idea; to enjoy an ideal magazine/café experience.

It is our intention to encourage an awareness of international independent magazines with distinct design and content. All magazines have been curated and exhibited in independent cafés that proudly dedicate themselves to the art of the culinary and brew. During this event, specialty coffee, drinks and snacks will be crafted to complete your reading pleasure.

What can you find at THE U CAFÉ?
032C, Acne Paper, A Guide Magazine, A Magazine Curated By, Apartamento, Dumbo Feather, Dansk, Elsie, Fantastic Man, Gagarin, Grafik, Inventory, It’s Nice That, I Love You, Kasino, Lay Flat, Little White Lies, Monocle, Mono.Kultur, Paris, LA, Pin-Up, Port, Process Journal, Shoppinghour, ‘Sup, The Design Society Journal, The Plant Journal, The Travel Almanac, Tiger, Too Much, Underscore, Werk, Wrap and more.

Where can you find THE U CAFÉ?
PS.Cafe, A Curious Teepee, Kith, The Plain, Papa Palheta, 15 Minutes, Maison Ikkoku, and Loysel’s Toy.

We know where we will be spending the next few weekends at, so see you around! Say hi, and let us know your thoughts on The Fight Issue!

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