Timeless Voyage

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On May 9th, for the very first time in Asia, Singapore hosted the unveiling of the CHANEL 2013/14 Cruise Collection at the Loewen Cluster, a preserved heritage site on Dempsey Hill, with 400 top international media and celebrities, which included Carine Roitfeld, Andre Leon Talley, Anna Mouglais, Si Won Choi and Rinko Kikuchi personally flown in to attend the inaugural launch.

We are pleased to share that Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase publication was handpicked to be a part of Chanel’s welcome gift to all their invited international media and celebrities which included the kaiser Karl Lagerfeld himself and close to 30 female creatives from Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase publication were handpicked by CHANEL and invited to the inaugural event. Fleecircus, Germaine (Anonymous), Mae Pang, Elyn (Stolen), Yvonne (Woon Hung), Shing (Lekker), April (aspidistralfly), Gilda (Revasseur), Priscilla (Studio Juju) and Jade & Letitia (Time Taken to Make a Dress) were just some of our dancing partners at the after-party (of the decade).

Merci beaucoup CHANEL, come back soon!

More about the history and evolution of CHANEL Cruise in The U Press N°2, Singapore edition.

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