Presto Drycleaners Paragon


Presto Drycleaners Paragon

Silver Grey, a token of glistening shine

Client: Presto Drycleaners
Year: 2021
Art Direction & Branding: Hjgher
Interior Design: Hjgher
Outlets: Leisure Park | Republic Plaza

Home to an array of international luxury brands, Paragon is an upper-scale retail mall exuding class and style. Taking from its elegant surroundings, Presto Drycleaners Paragon is cladded with a grey solid surface which mimics the subtle reflection on marble. The right angles of greys, textured stone and steel surfaces amalgamate to form perfect symmetry and balance within the store. The sleek, modern design appeals to sophisticated shoppers, and the grey colour palette adds to the sense of refinement and luxury. The grey hues and clean lines in the store create a cohesive and upscale aesthetic that fits in with the ambience of Paragon.

Presto Drycleaners is a personal laundry and dry cleaning specialist with more than 30 years of experience, with widespread stores around the tropical island of Singapore, providing an ease of access to the utmost of care to one’s personal laundry needs, ensuring that no customer leaves unsatisfied. Each individual outlet is a concept store on its own — all of which comprise of materials and colours familiar to the neighbourhood it surrounds, evoking a sense of comfort and trust within the brand.


Presto Drycleaners Paragon
Presto Drycleaners Paragon
Presto Drycleaners Paragon
Presto Drycleaners Paragon

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