Hermès The Gift of Time


Hermès The Gift of Time

An extended exhibition space in partnership with Hermès.

Client: Hermès Singapore
Year: 2014
Art Direction: Hjgher
Exhibition Design: Hjgher

Hermès, The Gift of Time exhibition was held at the historic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in 2012. Guests were invited to the defunct train station to experience an exhibition imagined by the artist and poet, Hilton McConnico, telling stories of Hermès time through poetic displays and a series of discoveries.

At the end of the exhibition, guests were treated to a surprise at the platforms of the railway station, which was transformed into four original pop-up cafés by homegrown brands. The carefully selected vendors included Seng Choong Confectionery, a revival of old school confectionery with re-imagined traditional Chinese pastries, breads and desserts created using time-honoured techniques.

Hermès The Gift of Time
Hermès The Gift of Time
Hermès The Gift of Time

The U Café, in collaboration with The Plain Café, created a one-off specialty menu enjoyed with a wall of select international independent magazines; Popaganda, a new take on creative popsicle flavours and finally, Munch Munch, a throwback to childhood days of old school biscuits and tidbits.

The individual vendors and pop up units were imagined as various train stations, accompanied by carriage booths designed and fabricated to relive a time when the platform was once filled with carriages and travellers.

Hermès The Gift of Time
Hermès The Gift of Time

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