Birds of Paradise Mandai


Birds of Paradise Mandai

Vintage allure meets gelato's playful venture

Client: Birds of Paradise
Year: 2023
Branding & Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior: Hjgher
Outlets: MandaiBeachCraig | Jewel 2019Jewel 2022Katong 

Located within Mandai Bird Paradise, a sanctuary home to a rich tapestry of avian species and lush greenery, Birds of Paradise Mandai transcends the typical gelato destination. This boutique emerges as an embodiment of hyper-futurism fused with the spirit of new-age exploration.

Anchoring the venue is a customised Airstream food truck. Its brushed aluminium facade, paired with its timeless design, accentuates the gastronomic display, presenting a visual spectacle to complement the rich flavours of the gelato.

Birds of Paradise Mandai
Birds of Paradise Mandai
Birds of Paradise Mandai

Design elements manifest the delicate interplay between organic textures and avant-garde inspiration. The customised pebble wash, with its colours refined to subtlety, and the glint of stainless steel collaboratively craft an ambience that kindles playful ponder. The dining area is envisioned as a canvas for imagination, drawing families and children into a realm of wonder and play.

Beyond mere design, the space reflects an ethos of pioneering exploration. Its design contours, free from harsh, rigid edges, welcome the adventurous at heart into a world where discovery is celebrated, and every corner offers a new story.

Birds of Paradise Mandai
Birds of Paradise Mandai
Birds of Paradise Mandai

Treading the path of sustainability, Birds of Paradise Mandai showcases inventive initiatives. Tables, in a testament to ecological mindfulness, are borne from the boutique’s food waste. In a unique collaboration with Tesign, ingredients that once seemed destined for disposal, such as cucumber peels, lemongrass stems, and chrysanthemum petals, form captivating and sustainable tabletops. Moreover, repurposed marble from Birds of Paradise’s Jewel outpost underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Birds of Paradise Mandai is committed to delivering an unparalleled gelato experience. It is where nature’s resplendence converges with culinary ingenuity, conjuring an environment that stimulates the senses and resonates deep within. This enclave intertwines the serene embrace of Mandai Bird Paradise with the fervour of modern exploration.

Birds of Paradise Mandai
Birds of Paradise Mandai

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