Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022


Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022

Cocoon scoops of electric dome dreams

Client: Birds of Paradise
Year: 2022
Branding & Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior: Hjgher

Outlets: Mandai | BeachCraig | Jewel 2019Jewel 2022Katong

Jewel Changi Airport Singapore is an iconic architectural marvel combining elements of nature, retail, and hospitality. With a design that was intended to be a garden within an airport, Jewel features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a forest valley, and a diverse collection of shops and restaurants.

It was a customer’s order, “double scoop please” that gave inspiration for the scene for BOP Jewel.  At the heart of it, we sought to emulate a cocoon-like dome structure that you could step into with the angles and smooth curves wrapped around you. Despite the hard surfaces it was intentional to evoke a calming yet curious feel to it – subtle and organic yet delightful. Two spherical domes set the scene, with the larger “heart” dome housing the display of botanical gelato delights and the smaller “head” dome housing the gelato production and its hourly cone-making performance.

Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022
Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022
Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022

As with all BOP boutiques, soft muted tones achieved with a lime wash finish and warm illuminated curves serve to emphasise the delight that comes with BOP’s gelato. The space was constructed with minimal joint lines for a seamless look and feel. Recessed round-edge make BOP’s signature back counter shelving with warm strip lights to illuminate the display of BOP’s iconic take-away cups. Together, the whimsiness of the scooped spherical domes and the simplicity of minimalism come together to embody the brand’s promise of a delightful experience.

Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022
Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022
Birds of Paradise Jewel 2022

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