Birds of Paradise Craig


Birds of Paradise Craig

Hyper futuristic tunnel visions of cultured delight

Client: Birds of Paradise
Year: 2022
Branding & Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior: Hjgher
Outlets: Mandai | BeachCraig | Jewel 2019Jewel 2022Katong 

Housed in the prevalent shophouses of age-old Peranakan architecture, a delicate blend of hyper-futurism meets the new-age explorer, its organic design influences akin to the cavernous journeys one embarks on curiously, into the heart of an icy mountain peak. Providing momentary respite from Singapore’s everyday summer, a chill of winter’s delight for the deservingly unsuspecting, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique sets forth to create a cool gelato experience like no other.

To experience the full Birds of Paradise Craig Road in its entirety is to embark on its intended journey that begins with the only way in — entry from the front of the shophouse, through the sidelines of manicured Livistonia fan palm planters and customised gelato equipment with specified glass enclosures, all set within the voluminous curved stainless steel counter with precise recesses for consumer amenities. Natural organic textures were considered for contrast against the stainless steel counter to instil a sense of comfort amidst the hyper-futurism intentions within the coolness of the space, paving the way for fluidity to be incorporated in the build to remove all sense of intimidating edges or often cold and futuristic occurrences. A muted colour profile was adopted to induce a sense of calmness and serenity, and the meandering passageway, setting the stage for a transcendent experience to evoke a heightened sense of wonder and delight with every turn.


Birds of Paradise Craig
Birds of Paradise Craig
Birds of Paradise Craig
Birds of Paradise Craig
Birds of Paradise Craig
Birds of Paradise Craig

With minimal visual breaks of dark joint lines, a perpetual rhythm occurs with the softening of all edges and shadows, to provide an organic and seamless surface harmony that ebbs and flows from the floors, to the walls and onto the ceiling. Only intended recess groove lines set along the outer periphery of the contoured recesses and shelves place emphasis as a visual frame for meaningful areas, imploring one to engage as a break stop or should one choose to continue forth and explore, all of which bring about a perception of a never-ending harmony.

On both sides of the passageway lay lines of soft non-intrusive lighting, serving as a visual guide to one’s wandering eye leading towards the concave sitting area, ample bum contoured to enjoy one’s “White Chrysanthemum” gelato and give audience to the hourly gelato cone-making performance set behind the curved glass wall. And after the curious journey of discovery does one follow through to find the only way out — a single exit to the lush landscape of Duxton Plain, a botanical park of rich cultivated gardens.


Birds of Paradise Craig
Birds of Paradise Craig

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