Gentle light clouds and curves of weightlessness




Client: Anothersole
Year: 2020
Branding & Art Direction: Hjgher
Interior: Hjgher

Anothersole is a female leather shoe brand that has been described as the most comfortable shoe that a woman deserves. In designing their store at Great World City, our concept was to create a lightness of being in the store, to bring allure to the idea of walking on clouds.

To bring an illusion of weightlessness, the look and feel had to be minimal, clean and bright. As lighting is key in a retail shop, a range of selected lighting was used throughout. Holding the central focus lies a large triptych of light boxes above set focus of a warm bright glow throughout the shop and carefully chosen cove lights brought a further warmth to the perimeter. Spot lights were set upon every shoe counter against the walls and on the knee height display of shoes which doubled as seating with a soft grey fabric. The hidden cove lighting below the display reinforces the idea of weightlessness.



The intention was to have only curves throughout the entire shop without any edges at all, again to simulate the organic softness of clouds. The symmetry of the side curved walls and edges, was to blur the boundaries of the space. The mirrors were cut to remove all edges and blended into the walls. Even with the decision to only use white throughout the space was intentional to give the fleeting feeling of comfort. A yellow carpet was then decided upon like the glowing rays of the sun to reflect against the playfulness of the clouds in this space.




To allow for a varied presentation of shoes, the wall ledges are magnetic and designed to be movable for a flexible display configuration and further use of posters and collaterals to be stuck on magnetically. A further intention was to remove all and any interference with the shoe on display and allow for a clean presentation. The large back wall hides the the back of house and on one end, the point of sales and on the other, the TV monitor, which fulfils our intended look for perfect symmetry.


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