No Man&#8217s Land Drive-thru

This road trip in Malaysia reminds us of how we tend to forget the small things in life. When stopping our car off-road in no-man&#8217s-land in the dead of the night, it is so quiet we can hear the leaves breathing. And the night sky presents us with what us city-dwellers don&#8217t see in a very long time: stars.

Meteors fade across the sky in abundance as we walk across a vast field, with bugs orchestrating a prelude to the approaching springtime. Getting lost has never been this fascinating. We then recall a time-lapse video we watched some time back, The Sky in Motion by Till Credner, composed from a series from 7,000 images illustrating wonders of the sky above us.

Please, do watch the HD version on a fullscreen, and remember to pick up all the little things that you&#8217ve lost along your way; and now, we shall try to find our way home.

Watch The Sky in Motion here.

Till Credner

“Sun, moon and stars show up with their daily rise and set. The beauty of our celestial phenomena is increased by the accelerated time lapse technique showing the apparent motion of the sky due to earth&#8217s rotation.”

– posted using a HP Mini 1000, in the middle of nowhere.

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