N.Hoolywood – Skyscraper

Daisuke Obana aka Mister Hollywood’s N.Hoolywood 09-10 A/W collection aptly titled “Skyscraper”, once again reinforces his vision of fashion forward with his customary reinventions of fashion’s past.

[flashvideo file=videos/NHAW0910.flv /]

Inspired by Ayn Rand’s, “The Fountainhead”, the set in Yebisu Garden Hall had his metropolis men stride past each other alongside a massive three tier monochorme backdrop of skyscrapers recalling New York in the 20’s. High collar coats and higher waist straight pants in tight bandwidths of grey and dark muted palettes, finished with gloves to match. Pullovers in art deco (think “Chrysler building”) patterns or simple grids of lines cast strong structured silhouettes almost as though the skyscrapers themselves were in motion. And all this while Gary Cooper spews Howard Roark’s right to reclaim his own individualism amidst an aural transition of classical and post rock tunes.

We wonder if Rand would be pleased with Obana’s selfishness, against the collective, against the dishonesty, against the machine. We’re not condoning Objectivism, but we do believe that an ingenious insanity, mindful of its perceived madness, is often necessary to make the world a better place. And it may be rightly so, perhaps in our current time when faith has left America and baggy pants are a joke, Obana may just be the best advocate of interesting changes to come.

The video above was sent to us in a tight little package from the team at N.Hoolywood. If only they sent us some Under Summit Wear samples too.

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