Every brand has a certain typeface

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Underscore N°4: Flight


Underscore N°4: The Flight Issue carries on as the alternative human response to fighting the inevitable—to let go of constant duty, to take a pause, a break, a gander, to depart from routine, to take time off to reassess.

N°4 contains personal stories, original content and photo narratives of retired space shuttles, surfing, travelling circuses, fireworks, highliners’ adventures and a playwright’s taxidermic dreams, all in response to the theme. Conversations were shared with Wolfgang Voigt, founder of Cologne-based record label Kompakt Records, Spanish artist-designer, Jaime Hayon, menswear designer, Boris Bidjan Saberi, architect Omer Arbel and the founder of Hotel Wiesler – Graz, Florian Weltzer on their creative processes and what makes their heart soar.

Editors Hamish Robertson (AFTERZINE), Kai von Rabenau (mono.kultur), Nathan Williams (Kinfolk Magazine), Omar Sosa (Apartamento) and Tim Moore (Letter to Jane) were invited to share a ‘Neighbourhood’ they have once made home, this includes Manhattan, Lev Hair, Montreax, Menorca and Portland. Artfully photographed were Yugoslavian war monuments by Jan Kempenaers, collected Bird Nests by Sharon Beals and more. Artist Ryan Gander shares his tales of three objects as a collection of thought outlets.

A sense of childlike curiosity is portrayed on the cover illustrated by Jaime Hayon with a sense of imagination and playful spirit. He also shares his flight of fancy on the last page, which can be punched out and constructed into a paper plane model.

Buckle up people, it’s gonna be one helluva flight!


Underscore Magazine – 2012 One Show Design

One Show 2012

We were awarded a pencil in this year’s One Show Design within the category of Publication Design / Magazine Layout Design. Thank you One Show, for the honour. Congratulations to all the other local agencies, Asylum, Beautiful, Kinetic, &larry, who walked home with pencils too. We feel extremely humbled to be part of this creative community.

If you are still with us, thank you for the kind support. It means everything to us.

Hjgher x Green Space heroes


In partnership with Cubes magazine, Space invited five designers to create an installation revolving five quality products built to last through high standards of manufacture and timeless aesthetics. We were more than honoured to be part of the exhibition amongst interior maestros Minstry of Design, Peter Tay Studio, Takenouchi Webb and Terre. Having always loved light installations, we chose the Flos Kelvin LED light designed by Antonio Citterio to be the heart of our installation.


Inspired by Paul Scheerbart’s Glasarchitektur, we built a Glass City, meant to depict a utopian city of self sustainability through honoring the use of resources. A Flos Kelvin LED lamp sat at the heart of the installation, representing a city’s illumination as street lamps, headlights or signboards. Mirror prisms of varying heights were randomly placed to illustrate buildings and skyscrapers.

The mirror prisms create multiple effects with each light path reflected from one mirror prism onto another, building a constant dialogue between light and glass. As we tested and built the installation, it was a joy to watch it transform in various environments. It reminded us of how cities courageously adapt to the challenges of a new world with new solutions.


An infinite light labyrinth is our metaphor for utopia—perfect, limitless and unattainable, yet, it is a dream we must dream.

Green Space Heroes is exhibited at Space Asia Hub until 30th April.

The Salvation Army

Cabinet of Curiosity

In collaboration with Tracy Phillips and Daniel Boey, our Creative Director Justin Long was tasked to reinvent the public’s perception of shopping at The Salvation Army, as part of Channel NewsAsia’s Invest In Me. Our area of focus being the interior 5000 square foot space of The Salvation Army, Praisehaven Singapore.

At the beginning of this project, we were not too sure what could be done with little budget and a space cluttered to the brim with unwanted things. This was a project that made us think harder, work better, take a step back to seriously consider what we could do for the society. It was not about fabricating new things with a grand concept to match, but about doing the bare minimal and maximizing the things donated by people. One thing we knew for sure though, we wanted to make a difference and we were not the only ones.

Looking through the collection of discarded objects at The Salvation Army was an experience unlike any other. Some peculiar, some beautiful, some bore scribbled gift notes, some functioned to the needs of a different world. Once a part of someone, they had been given up for a sole purpose—to give back to charity.

It was important for us to create a space that would allow shoppers to do more than just browse, but to display objects in a way that triggered their sense of wonder. We divided the entrance space into eight showrooms to give the objects a stage to breathe and rediscover their value. The diversity of items also meant that they could be depicted in various ways, hence we engaged the minds of Outofstock, triggerhappy, Foundry, Jarrod LimH O K O, Studio JujuSUPERMAMA and Hjgher, of course, to curate each showroom, using materials found at The Salvation Army thrift stores. The result is a mixture of expression about salvaging the old, whether or not they were given a fresh coat of paint or had reinvented purpose, the end goal was for them to become somebody’s prized possession again.

We would like to thank the studios for generously contributing their time and effort to work on this project in good faith. It was a romantic affair with unwanted objects, a feeling that is almost magical.

Visit the showroom exhibition at Praisehaven Salvation Army, 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Underscore Magazine – President*s Design Award Singapore 2011


We were awarded Design of the Year at the President*s Design Award Singapore 2011 ceremony held at Istana Banquet Hall last night. The jury could not have been more generous with their words, “Underscore is a magazine you want to read. It is emotional, it has depth, it has a heart. You want to feel it, open it, and devour it – voraciously. Not only is the magazine well-balanced, with good design and thought-provoking articles, the contents are outstanding. It is not your run-of-the-mill magazine; it is a labour of love.” We were at a loss for words, due to sheer joy to have touched people along this journey.

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank everybody who have supported us one way or another. All winning works will be exhibited at the official opening of SPACE Asia Hub tonight. We hope to see you there!

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BRAIN Magazine Japan


When BRAIN magazine invited us to work on their front cover, all we could remember were the other great covers done by Neville Brody and local creatives WERK and Phunk. Much to our delight, their request was simple, our contribution should be an interpretation of the theme for their October issue. Much to our concern, how simple and open their theme was too; Wine Red.


Well, we knew what we wanted to address; the current state of affairs in Japan. It’s no surprise that we’re fond subscribers of almost everything Japanese, their work, their food, their ethos, their respect for all. When tragedy struck that one unforgettable March afternoon, their lives changed forever. Important new issues were unearthed, many concerns reset for new paths and the truth, or shall we say, the beauty is, live is change. We build our web of lives and through weathered conditions, we fight on, and we rebuild. And we do all this because we live our lives with hope, dreams and wishes.

Our contribution will only work if you have an iPhone/iPad, please go to Settings/General/Accessibility/White on Black and turn it on. Then turn on your Camera and use it to look over our image again. Everything Japanese, we wish with a wine red Daruma.