Hey, Gorgeous.

Good day, people. Guess what greeted me this morning before I ran off to work?

iPod Touch

Yes, it&#8217s called the iPod touch, the iPod with multi-touch screen and 3.5-inch display. Basically, an iPhone without the call button, and thinner too. It was announced at Apple&#8217s “The Beat Goes On” media event just a few hours back. Along with iPod touch, Steve Jobs also introduced us the new shuffle with colour, the chewing gum-packaging looking nano, and iPod classic – your retro iPod without the touch screen function – with 80 or 160GB of storage.

As for iPod touch, besides your normal music/photo/video functions, it will be Wi-Fied, with built in Safari browser, YouTube player, and Wi-Fi iTunes Music Store.

Learn more at Apple&#8217s official site.

Helvetica at 50

helvetica at colette

Colette Paris is currently running Helvetica at 50, an exhibit curated by Gary Hustwit, director of the documentary film Helvetica.

As read from Gary&#8217s official blog:

    For the colette show, I managed to cobble together a nice little overview of Helvetica, with a selection of movie posters, record covers, prints, t-shirts, and other ephemera. Special thanks to Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones for their contribution of several rare Helvetica brochures from the Haas and Stempel era. The film is being shown on a loop on a huge plasma screen, and I also got to sprinkle Helvetica-releated quotes from various designers around the walls of the store. They’ve brought in stock of Lars Müller’s Helvetica book, and a bunch of great t-shirts from Blanka.

We are unfortunately stuck on this island with our work and unable to make it to the show. However, having been waiting too long for an official screening to reach here, we&#8217ve already ordered our Helvetica DVD boxset Deluxe limited edition, which includes the retail DVD, three letterpressed mini-posters, a color C-print of a still from the film (one of ten different stills) signed by Gary Hustwit, two love/hate Helvetica buttons, and a letter of actual Helvetica metal type! Now all we can do is wait…

Colette&#8217s exhibit running from 3rd to 29th September.
Image taken from Helvetica&#8217s official site.

Sigur Rós – Heima

Heima 01
Heima 02

    “Heima” (Icelandic for “at home” or “homeland”).
    Sigur Rós break their two-year silence to release their first-ever film and a companion album later this autumn. Filmed over two weeks last summer when the band undertook a free tour of Iceland, shows Sigur Rós as never before.
    “Heima” receives its worldwide premiere on September 27th at the Icelandic Film Festival and a run of national premieres at film festivals all around the world follows including a UK premiere (full details soon to be announced). The film will then receive a nationwide UK release in selected cinemas across the UK.

We thought it’d be apt to have them as our first ever post as they never cease to move us to tears. Makes us want to move to Iceland and die happily there. If they ever tour closer to our shores again, you’d be sure to hear it from us first… and see us there as well.

Images and words extracted from Heima’s trailer.