Underscore Magazine N°2: The Constant Issue

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We have finally gotten around to catch a breather after we rolled out Underscore N°2, which has been an insane whirlwind ride for us. We took part in the 5th Magazine Library at Tokyo Maison Aoyama, followed by a 4-venue installation in Singapore, at 2902 Gallery, BooksActually, Fred Perry Laurel Store and Grafunkt.

Then, back in Tokyo, we were invited to participate in DesignTide 2010, where we were seen bracing the typhoon, hand-carrying four bicycles to Tokyo Midtown at Roponggi all the way from Singapore. Quite literally, a ‘whirlwind ride’. We meet heaps of amazing folk from all over the world, including Singapore of course and definitely some images to follow real soon. Thanks again to all who helped to make it possible for us!


Underscore N°2: The Constant Issue

Fills in the blank created by N°1. Inspired by the notion of wabi-sabi (侘寂), three simple truths were acknowledged: nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, and nothing is finished.

N°2 features content from post-rock band 65daysofstatic, artist Sam Winston, Swallow Magazine editor James Casey and Tom Michelberger, owner of Michelberger Hotel. Conversations with visionaries Lee Cotter—co-founder of Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Damir Doma and Hideki Toyoshima were also documented. Creating meaningful intervals are an installation by Sean Lam and photographic work by Christopher Colville, Nguan, You Li and Yang Tan.

In addition, A Store Curated By Underscore is introduced with the inaugural collaboration with bespoke bike-makers Vanguard, previewing a one-off limited edition series of four bicycles inspired by the hydrologic cycle: Cloud, Rain, Mist and Dew.

As a reminder of the possibility of beauty in the event of devastation, the cover features a deformed bug by Cornelia Hesse-Honegger. A pullout at the last page comes in versions of four different bugs. It can be displayed as a keepsake of the idea that things will always change, for better or worse.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading Underscore N°2: The Constant Issue, as much as we did making it. And if you’ve picked up a copy, do feel free to let us know your thoughts and comments. We’d be more than delighted to hear from you!

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