Magazine Library at Maison Aoyama

The city of endless inspiration never cease to celebrate life, be it for Fashion’s Night Out or Galerie Vie’s 25th birthday, what more with the 5th Magazine Library happening at Maison Aoyama.

Curated for the people who love magazines just as much as they enjoy the culture, the travelling library of old and new titles is a tribute to the beauty of print. With past venues including 100% Design, Omotesando Hills and so forth, the new setting at Maison Aoyama is almost too comfortable to be true, with Japanese teas and cakes available at the cafe to double the reading pleasure.


This pretty much sums up the ideal afternoon. Honestly, we are having a hard time holding on to our passports. In fact, we have booked our flights and will be exhibiting at DESIGNTIDE TOKYO from 30th Oct – 3rd Nov.

We hope to see you there!

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