Hjgher’s Friday

Presentation started early in the day when Justin brought everyone out to lunch to eat what he thinks is the best bak kut teh (Chinese pork soup) in Singapore. The dark brown soup with generous portions of meat was pure comfort, especially with the accompanying coarse white rice. The more adventurous amongst us shared a bowl of pork legs and shitake mushroom boiled to deliciousness in a similarly dark brown but more viscous gravy. Is it really the best? Well, you’ll have to try it for yourself at Leon Kee Claypot Pork Rib Soup at Alexandra Village Food Village.

At the end of the day, Cassie got the ball rolling with Singaporean of the Day, a video project featuring “stories from everyday Singapore in 2 minutes”. These stories reveal the quiet charm of ordinary life in this fast-paced glitzy city, showing the hopes and dreams of Singaporeans. We watched Elaine Chiam, the cat rescuer.

Steph asked us to Find Momo, Andrew Knapp’s border collie. In this photography project, Andrew posts pictures of his dog, Momo in the midst of a landscape and viewers are supposed to find him, then comment with #foundmomo. All this started when Andrew kept finding Momo hiding in odd places everytime they went out to play. Can you spot Momo in the photo below?

Amaris showed us photos form her sister’s wedding in Varndovagen Church in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a beautiful traditional chapel with stained glass and wooden pews that has been around since the 1300s.

Jerry shared Lunch with FT, a weekly interview series by the Financial Times with leading cultural and business figures. He was particularly taken by the depth of the details described every interview, showing not just the voice of every interviewee but also their personality. Every interview is marked by wit, intelligence and authenticity – an all round great read. Founder of Mega Upload and now Mega, Kim Dotcom‘s interview revealed a side to him rarely seen. Read a snippet below.

“You know I have never uploaded and shared a movie in my life,” he says. “I have always bought all my content. I’ve spent over $20,000 in the past five years on iTunes. I’m not a pirate.” That’s not how the DoJ sees it, or the “Department of Clowns”, as Dotcom refers to them on Twitter. Among reams of evidence, it cites emails showing what it says is wilful complicity in copyright infringement, including one from Megaupload’s chief technical officer saying, “We’re not pirates, we’re just providing shipping services to pirates :).” Dotcom says the DoJ lacks a sense of humour.

It is all part, he says, of a battle being waged by Hollywood against Silicon Valley. Suddenly he breaks off. “Is that a chicken in my house?” Sure enough, a large white chicken is strutting through the living room towards us. “That’s a first. You can mention that the chicken came out when we started talking about Chris Dodd,” he says, referring to the chief executive of the Motion Picture Association of America, the Hollywood lobby group that Dotcom regards as one of the driving forces behind his prosecution.

Bin Hua introduced his favourite television documentary, Connection by James Burke. The series is about the interconnectedness of past inventions that lead up to and affect what we take for granted today. The humble bullock cart has been an indirect influence to the electricity today. You can find out why, as well as many other intriguing ideas in the first episode below. The rest of the series can be watched on the same channel.

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