Hjgher Culture

It’s official. We made it to the end of our 10th year here at Hjgher.

In celebration, we’re all taking a break, a sabbatical for some, a hiatus for others and for the rest of us, a chance for us to slip into the quiet of the night.

As such, we won’t be accepting any new commissions till we’re back and ready for the next 10 years, give or take another 10 years or so.

We’d like to leave with a worn but never forgotten memory of a quote by a mentor/friend/educator/academic, something we’ve lived by since we started here at Hjgher.

“From the 1st to the 3rd year, work like hell. From the 3rd to the 5th year, build your systems, and by the 10th year, establish your culture.” Thank you Mrs. Lee, and everyone who believed in us more than we did ourselves. See you all for the next decade.