Food for thought

This was the teaser for our X’mas greeting this year.


No, its not a load of crap that we sent out (although I must admit that it does look a lot like crap) , but it was the result of a week long brainstorm which ended with two hours of shoot preparation, execution and as you can see, much cleaning up after.

Our concept for our X’mas’07 greeting is essentially about “Excess”. Especially during the festive season where there are parties galore, as we eat drink and be merry, all excess becomes waste. But before excess was waste, it was pleasure. And food was the obvious choice as the main element of our concept.

We prepared a “picnic” setup, gathered all our excess (aka expired) food products from our refrigerator and whipped up our “feast”. The various colours, textures and viscosities of food products helped with the randomness of the handwritten typeface (not forgetting the uninvited invasive smells too!) and best of all, because we just went at it without planning the layout, we had absolutely tremendous fun doing it.

And we sincerely hope you have fun watching the full clip too, HJGHER X’mas’07 wishes with all our love here at HJGHER.

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