De Construct of Dis Order

The launch of the Julius 2008 S/S collection was reinforced with a photo exhibition over at Midwest Tokyo, Tokyo and Mind Thrive, Kyoto.


Aptly titled “Pilgrimage“, the monotone exhibition displays the 2008 S/S collection in what seems like a fashion editorial spread executed with grandeur. Coming together for this project was the trinity of photographer Muga Miyahara, stylist Tetsuro Nagase and Julius head designer Tatsuro Horikawa. The Tokyo exhibit ended yesterday but catch the Kyoto leg if you can, from 17-20th Jan 2008.

He who wears Julius would probably have a manifesto that reads, “I’m really in touch with my feminine side but ask me again if I’m ”un-straight” and I’ll kill you”. It”s absolutely poetic architecture in metrosexual motion.

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