Creative Culture: The Singapore Showcase × The White Rabbit

We launched Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase with a gathering of Singapore’s creatives at The White Rabbit. We could not have asked for better company.

Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase is an Underscore publication showcasing the works of Singapore’s creative disciplines with over 280 pages of visuals and interviews. Over 100 creatives from fields of art, design, music and photography were featured.

The theme, Uncover, was established for Singapore, describing the emergence of a new creative culture. With Singapore’s identity as a creative culture still uncast and at its youth, the focus lies in its future. As with no baggage of a past, we now have the power to learn from others, to be experimental and to forge our own unique identity. With an irreversible scratch-and-see gold foil hardcover, the reader is invited to scratch and uncover what lies underneath the gold foil; printed on the front cover, the names of all creatives featured in the publication are revealed. Each book will have its own unique hardcover, randomly and organically scratched, depending on how its reader handles the book.

We would like to thank everyone for working together with us to help make this project happen. We are truly touched by the kind words of support and encouragement. As it is with building a creative community, we could not have done this on our own. Best Cosplay Costumes for Sale
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