BRAIN Magazine Japan

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When BRAIN magazine invited us to work on their front cover, all we could remember were the other great covers done by Neville Brody and local creatives WERK and Phunk. Much to our delight, their request was simple, our contribution should be an interpretation of the theme for their October issue. Much to our concern, how simple and open their theme was too; Wine Red.


Well, we knew what we wanted to address; the current state of affairs in Japan. It’s no surprise that we’re fond subscribers of almost everything Japanese, their work, their food, their ethos, their respect for all. When tragedy struck that one unforgettable March afternoon, their lives changed forever. Important new issues were unearthed, many concerns reset for new paths and the truth, or shall we say, the beauty is, live is change. We build our web of lives and through weathered conditions, we fight on, and we rebuild. And we do all this because we live our lives with hope, dreams and wishes.

Our contribution will only work if you have an iPhone/iPad, please go to Settings/General/Accessibility/White on Black and turn it on. Then turn on your Camera and use it to look over our image again. Everything Japanese, we wish with a wine red Daruma. Best Cosplay Costumes for Sale
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