“And she melts in visions of eternal day”

At a HJGHER party, we introduced a short story installation, “And she melts in visions of eternal day”, written and produced by us here at HJGHER.

and she melts in visions of eternal day

Taking our cue from the cinematic experience of the 1940s, we wanted our audience to experience a live performance instead of simply watching a movie on screen. We had a narrator read the entire script while a live cellist accompanied her on set as she read along. The audience was treated to a projection of still images shot by Jovian Lim (Oats & Sparkle).

Jovian was given free reign to interpret the story as he envisioned it should be in his head, but what made this all the more interesting was that we did this in collaboration with Club21’s BLACKJACK. We picked out clothes from the BLACKJACK store that we felt would bring represent different acts of the story and Jovian shot it in his signature style.

“And she melts in visions of eternal day” will be published for the first time in conjunction with the launch of UNDERSCORE N°1: THE ___ ISSUE magazine.

All images shot by Jovian will be made ready for viewing on the Underscore website soon. Stay tuned.