All hail the new scientist

Aitor Throup&#8217s fascination of the human anatomy is articulated through his rather wearable costume garments that breathe of fictional characters in their own space and time. His CSM MA collection, “When Football Hooligans Became Hindu Gods”, is based on his conceptual comic book story of 8 remorseful football hooligans that transform into Hindu gods after taking the live of a Hindu boy.

When Football Hooligans became Hindu Gods

Imagine personifying the Hindu man/lion god Narasimha by shaping the hood of a jacket like a lions head or the Hindu god of death Shiva by adorning a jacket with skulls that double up as bags. Do see and read more about this impressively authentic collection from Katie&#8217s well researched write-up here.

His most recent collection “The Funeral of New Orleans” is a two part story about 5 musicians who die while protecting their instruments during hurricane Katrina. Part 1 displays garments made from instrument cases that transform in shape and function according to the musician&#8217s needs. Pocketed-gloves to supposedly help the musicians protect their instruments. All the “musician&#8217s garments” were sculptured to fit their pose while playing their specific instrument, so they may seem ill fitting when normal but when the musician is playing his instrument in pose, it fits perfectly. You can see the film and read more about this collection on ShowStudio&#8217s blog here

The Funeral of New Orleans, Part 1

We&#8217re absolutely itching in anticipation for Part 2 which will be a collection of what we believe to be, after the musicians pass on. We sincerely cannot honour enough respect to how original, how well conceived, how playful and yet how functional his collections are. Now all we need is Guillermo Del Toro to turn Aitor&#8217s comic book drawings into movies and Jonny Greenwood to produce the soundtrack and it&#8217ll be a blockbuster for sure. In the meantime, stay tuned for Part 2.

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