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We are constantly fed with news of worldwide disasters, deadly and unfortunate, but these occurrences often serve us only as informative reports, detached and distant. On rare occasions, that reminder strikes a tender chord, too close to the home in our hearts and too real for us to be unmoved.

The affinity we share with Japan, from their aesthetic to their beliefs, from those who have inspired us from our inception, to those whom we now consider more than just friends; all of which give shape to who we are and why we do what we do today.


Manga artist Takehiko Inoue has been drawing one smile a day; an old man, a baby girl, a housewife or a teenage boy, they all share the same smiles on their face.

While the whole world tries to either extend their helping hands or speculate what the future holds, the Japanese are braving on. We are reminded of their incredible stoicism, their inherent ability to unite in the face of adversity, and their overwhelming optimism (and courage) when opting to fight for what they believe in.

We are also reminded of the least we can do; smile for Japan.

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